Hawaii’s craft beer and liquor scene has been steadily growing over recent years, thanks to a number of local breweries and distilleries making alcohol with an Aloha twist. From brewery tours to tasting menus to gorgeous farms where local ingredients are sourced, a visit to one of these 5 great distilleries and breweries is sure to enliven you trip to Honolulu or Maui. Island Air offers convenient direct flights to both locations, so really you’ve got no excuse not to raise a glass to these local businesses that are deeply invested in preserving Hawaiian culture.

1. Maui Brewing Co.

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Offering fun events like the upcoming Brushstrokes & Brew, Maui Brewing Co. has been crafting beers using fresh local ingredients since 2005. From Bikini Blond Lager to Big Swell IPA, these beers highlight the flavors of the islands and double as great gifts. Check out the pub on your next visit to Maui, and check out their upcoming events listed on their site.

2. Aloha Beer

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Located in Honolulu, Aloha Beer has been brewing locally since 1997.  Brewing is led by Hawaii’s “pioneer of craft beer,” Dave Campbell, so you’ll be in good hands at Aloha. From their local ingredients to their logo, which features an A for Aloha encircled by a royal Hawaiian Maile Lei. This lei has been given throughout history to represent love, respect, honor and peace. So when you drink an Aloha beer, you’re getting some great Hawaiian history too.

3. Haleakala Distillers

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Hawaii’s only craft rum distillery, Haleakala Distillers is located on the slopes of the volcano, making it a great place to stop and relax after hiking Haleakala. They’ve got lots of tasty made in Maui spirits, which also make great gifts to take back home—and they’re allowed in checked luggage on your Island Air flights.

4. Organic Ocean Vodka

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Not to be missed, Organic Ocean Vodka is a family owned and operated distillery on Maui. Stop by for a tour and pick up a bottle of their organic vodka, which is made with organic sugar cane and blended with deep ocean mineral water. Even the bottles themselves make great souvenirs!

 5. Island DistillersScreen shot 2015-11-04 at 2.50.13 PM

Coconut vodka and moonshine reminiscent of okolehao, a popular drink in Hawaii dating back to the 1700s, are the specialties at Island Distillers. These all natural handcrafted spirits come highly recommended by islanders and liquor experts alike, so be sure to check them out while you’re in Honolulu.

Header Photo Credit: Adam Barhan